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Professional dog grooming and cat grooming service

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When you want your pet to look their best, visit us for dog grooming, nail trimming, and more at Barks & Bubbles Dog Grooming. dog grooming shop coupon

Canine clients throughout Habersham County and surrounding areas have been enjoying their Dog Grooming experience here for many years, receiving a full range of dog grooming services, and fur-whitening washes, as well as ear cleaning, nail clipping, de-shedding treatments.

My name is Whitney Keller, owner and primary dog groomer. My pet spa offers self service tubs to wash your dog, full service dog grooming, pet daycare, dog boarding, and a pet boutique with toys, clothes, shoes, natural healthy treats, shampoo, brushes and more!

At Barks & Bubbles Dog Grooming, your pet's happiness and safety is our top priority. I want you to be comfortable enough to drop your pet off to us and know they are in good hands! Our goal is to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience.

We are a small salon. Our goal is not to groom a large number of dogs. We don't offer a petsmart type service, i.e., grooming as many dogs as possible. Safety and your pet's comfort is our number one goal. We provide a high quality dog grooming service, at reasonable rates. You can trust us to keep a very close eye on your baby while in our care. We try to develop a personal relationship with each pet we groom.

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Mission Statement
The mission of Barks & Bubbles Grooming is to establish the highest quality pet care in a clean odor free environment.

I offer top of the line shampoos including hypo, and oatmeal shampoos. Everything we do is geared toward providing your pet with a comfortable and relaxed dog grooming experience. I would love to meet you and your pet!

Dog Grooming Services (Click here for more info)
                     (Cat Grooming also)
      • Professional Dog Grooming
      • All Breed Dog Grooming
      • Self Service Dog Bathing
      • Doggie Day Care
      • Overnight Dog Boarding
      • Nail Trimming
      • Shedding Management Programs
      • Dog Grooming Services at reasonable rates
      • I help acclimate dogs to grooming sessions.
      • Large dogs welcome
      • Stress-Free Individual attention for each dog
      • Personalize Dog Grooming Services at reasonable rates
      • De-Skunking
      • We accept problem dogs and help desensitive dogs to grooming sessions

(Cat Grooming also)

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Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Friday 9am - 6:00pm
Saturday 9am - 2:00pm
Appointments Recommended

Full Service Dog Groom With Haircut

   • Bath    • Blow-dry
   • Brush    • Haircut
   • Toenails    • Ears Cleaned
   • Pad Cleaning    • Sanitary Clip
   • Cologne    • Bandana or Bow

Full Service Dog Groom No Haircut

Same services as above except no haircut

I offer a relaxed atmosphere, with several years of professional dog grooming experience. You can trust that I will provide a pleasant, and caring environment for your pet.
Remember, keeping your pet happy during their stay with us, is always our top priority!

From bathing, fancy or utilitarian hair cuts and flea and tick treatments, to skin care, moisturizing, anti-dandruff and de-shedding treatments, your pampered pet will go home looking and feeling great!
All dog grooming services are available by appointment. We can occasionally accommodate short notice and walk-in grooming

Our pricing is very competitive, and is based on weight. Our complete pricing is shown below..

Other Services
• De-Shedding
• Walk-In Nail Trims
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Barks & Bubbles Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming with love

All Breeds and All Sizes


967 S. Main St.

Cornelia, GA. 30531



25lbs and under - $12 per day
26-50 lbs - $13 per day
over 50 lbs - $14 per day

25lbs and under - $16 per night
26-50lbs - $18 per night
over 50lbs - $20per night
If we provide food for your pet extra $5.00 per night

Self Service
Under 25lbs -$10
All others -$15
To blow dry -$ 5
(you get your own bay with tub.
We provide shampoo, brush, apron,
towels, and dryer)

We Wash
Under 25lbs
over 200lbs
Wash & Go
Wash & Dry
Cat Bath & Dry
All     $45
(all baths include nails, ear cleaning, pads, sanitary, bursh)

Dog Grooming
under 20lbs $45
20-29lbs $50
30-39lbs $55
40-49lbs $60
50-59lbs $65
60-99lbs $70
100-150lbs $80
151-200lbs $85
Over 200 lbs $90

Cat Grooming
under 20lbs $65 per night
20-29lbs $75 per night
Over 30 lbs $80 per night

Flea Dips start at $5
Nail Trim $9
Teeth Brushed $15
Ear Cleaning $5
Glands $7
Brush Out starts at $5
Sanitary Clip $5
Pads $5
Face Trim $5
Hair Coloring starts at $10
Nail Paint $10

Furminator Treatment for Dogs
under 25lbs $45
26-70lbs $59
71-100lbs $72
over 100lbs $82
Furminator Treatment Reduces shedding
by 60-80% for 4-6 weeks (includes nails, ears, pads,
sanitary, brush, bath, & dry)


Furminator For Cats
under 20lbs $55
20-29lbs $65
Over 30lbs $75

Furminator & Grooming For Cats
under 20lbs $75
20-29lbs $85
over 30lbs $90
Furminator Treatment Reduces shedding
by 60-80% for 4-6 weeks (includes nails, ears, pads,
sanitary, brush, bath, & dry)

Contact Us

(706) 894-2662

Call Us for professional dog grooming services
I start with kindness and finish with style!
dog grooming reviews

Address:   967 S. Main St.
  Cornelia,  Georgia 30531
Web Site:
Phone:  (706) 894-2662

Hours of Operation
Appointments available:
Tue  -  Fri   9:00AM-6:00PM
Sat              9:00AM-2:00PM


      Vivian Hicks
I have a cocker that is very hyper! But that didn't stop the wonderful people at Bark and Bubbles!! They did an amazing job!!! Will never take mine anywhere else!! Sweet, sweet, People there too, thank You Donna Trotman, for telling me about this place

      Lisa Thompson Free
I took my golden retriever there today to be groomed, he looks and smells amazing! They did a great job!

      Wanda Stanley
I loved the great job Whitney did on Buster my long haired chihuahua. Getting ready to make another appt

      Beverly Carter Cheek
Barks & Bubbles is a Great place to carry your loved one. They took their time and care about each pet that is brought in. Pebbles and Trixie were looking sharp and smelled so good when we picked them up.Also, when you leave, each pet gets a homemade treat, not a store bought, but homemade in the oven. That is going the extra mile!! Dennis and I have found a very caring, and loving place for grooming our pets and is so convenient. I highly recommend Barks & Bubbles to all. For being good girls I also got them a new chew toy!

      Lynn Goolsby Rosine
Greatest grooming my mini schnauzer has ever gotten. Whitnie and crew are the best!

      Betsy Looney
Barks and Bubbles did a great job with my pups Bear and Lil Bit! Bit is a nervous Nelly but she was perfectly comfortable with your groomers which made it so easy for me to leave her. Plus our Bear boy looked adorable with his summer do. You did his tail perfectly just as I asked. Thank you!

      Jessica Rivers
I just took my dog Olie to Barks and Bubbles to get his nails cut and the experience was the best I have ever had!!! Olie and I were both very happy. The price cannot be beat and the service is amazing! Thank you guys. I'll see you very soon.

      Kasey Rakestraw Maney
I love this place! Super clean and friendly staff! Not only do my dogs get clean but they have fun running around and playing while they wait on me to come pick them up after their baths!

dog grooming shop
      Tabitha Mize Welborn
Took my dog in this morning for grooming, we recently rescued him so we had no idea how he would do, the staff was so patient with him and did a great job!!!! Will definitely be back!!

      Stacey Gase Pike
Just had the best experience with BARKS and BUBBLES! Slayde did awesome and the humans were amazing with him! Will be back and we may try the self serve tubs next time for something new! Glad to have you in habersham county! Great pricing too!

      Kayla Campbell
Just picked up my little puppy from here! She smells so good and feels so much better! This place has very nice staff, very low prices and they have cute little bandanas and treats for the pups! Definitely will be back!

      Amy Jo Nubern Payne
I was having trouble washing my GS at home. My daughter and I brought both our fur babies Lady Grace and Bradley to the self service tubs. The employee was very helpful and sweet. We are definitely coming back!!

      Hannah Simpson
The staff did a great job on our 2 Morkies! Thanks so much for making them look so handsome :) We'd recommend Barks & Bubbles for sure!